Infinite Nova Ruling Masking Set

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Product Overview

Pre-cut masking tape template for Infinite Nova Ruling


  1. Use a tweezer and SLOWLY peel back the tape.
  2. To ensure a full sealant of the masking tape in those tight corners, use a toothpick or similar and run the edges through it.


  1. Please ensure the paint underneath is fully cured in order to prevent it from peeling.
  2. The template is cut by using a machine, there is a small possibility that some parts are not fully cut. If so, use a hobby knife to complete the cut-out.
  3. This template is purely to assist and simplify the masking step of your model kit. It is not guaranteed to fully cover the parts you need. You will need to put more masking tape if it happens.
  4. This template is recommended for one time use only. Result may differ if you try to re-use the masking tape. Its durability will depend on how you handle the tape.
  5. Please store in a dry place and away from sunlight.