FM Aerial LED Light Set

$40.00 - $81.00

Product Overview

Product includes

  • 1x LED lighting kit
  • 1x Set of special effect parts for Gundbits
  • 2x Replacement Metallic Sticker for transparent part
  • 1x Replacement Black Sticker for transparent part
  • 1x Base white sticker to attach with metallic sticker
  • 2x Transparent replacement pieces for head piece
  • 1x Battery case
    • 3x AA Battery required (not included)
  • 1x KOSMOS customised LED lighting remote control
    • 7 colour switch
    • Multiple illumination modes and settings to choose from
  • 1x KOSMOS customised power board
  • 2x 3rd party weapon display base


  • There are 2 ways to power the LED. 
    • Battery power supply through the battery case
    • USB-C power supply (i.e. powerbank, highly recommended to have output of 5V 1A as any higher might cause abnormality in the LED due to voltage input)
  • As an alternative to remote control, there is a KOSMOS App available on iOS and Android that you can use to connect to the power board via Bluetooth and control the lights.


  1. NOT RECOMMENDED for inexperienced modeller. This is considered highly advanced.
  2. Careful planning is required when installing the LEDs.
  3. Modification are required on the kit. 
  4. Be careful as the wires are fragile.
  5. Images used in this product are fully assembled and can be used as a reference.
  6. FM Aerial model kit is NOT INCLUDED in this product.
  7. Fast charges like Apple branded and other non-branded chargers are known to be incompatible due to the voltage.


Product Videos